Gretchen Rusby-Gale

Gretchen is a qualified Sports and Remedial and Swedish Massage Therapist. Gretchen has had an extensive career in massage since she qualified in Swedish massage in 2004 and then in Sports and Remedial massage in 2008 at the North London School of Sports Massage.

Gretchen is an active person who enjoys the outdoors and she has taken part in several half marathons and triathlons. Gretchen's drive to become a massage therapist was due, in part, to her wish to understand more about how the body works and how to aid recovery and treatment.

Gretchen finds the art of giving a sports massage that is equally relaxing and beneficial massage very rewarding. She also enjoys the challenge of helping her clients on their road to recovery.

Gretchen's passion as a sports massage therapist is key to her success in guiding and supporting clients on their journey in health, whether they are elite athletes or more sedentary types. 


Osteopathy is an effective treatment approach that restores patient health with an emphasis on body biomechanics.
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What our clients say

“I know Peter both as a colleague and patient. He works to the highest professional standard and in the best interests of his patients. His ability to integrate his in depth knowledge of many various treatment modalities allows him to give a complete and holistic approach to his work and the maximum benefit to his patients. Any patient I have referred to Peter has never had anything but praise for him and I continue to refer patients as well as receiving treatments from him myself. He is a great communicator to his students and I have seen this first hand when I have had the opportunity to be a 'body' in his classes.”

Jasmine Mas
25th February 2018
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