Insurance Patients

Treatments at the King Clinic are covered by all major health insurers including:

  • BUPA  (Osteopathy & Physiotherapy)
  • Aviva (Osteopathy)
  • Simply Health (Osteopathy & Physiotherapy)
  • Vitality (Osteopathy & Physiotherapy)
  • Other health major insurance providers

Please note – that acupuncture treatments may also form part of some physiotherapy insurance treatments and may be used as an adjunctive to osteopathy treatments.

Some insurers such as BUPA, and Aviva may require a GP referral.

Please note BUPA patients can now get authorised for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions by BUPA over the phone without a GP referral.

Some policies also have an excess which you will have to pay and recover the remainder from your insurer.

So if you have had a car or other accident and have legal cover, ask your insurance companies solicitors to arrange for free physiotherapy treatment and we will willingly set up registration with any other intermediary companies that allocate physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatments.

We are sorry to inform patients that we no longer deal with the intermediary company – ‘Nuffield Health’ (physiotherapy for Aviva etc.), due to their low levels of payments and the increasing administrative burden that they placed on our practitioners. Likewise, we have stopped working with AXA PPP, because they reduced their fees (to below the market value) 10 years ago and have refused to increase them since.

While we empathise with patients who will be affected by these changes, we cannot continue to support these companies, who pay us so little, but still increase members premiums on a regular basis.